Behind the Scenes of Online Sales

Online sales are growing rapidly. No wonder so many companies are incorporating this new distribution strategy. However, it doesn’t come easy. The focus shift from dealers to consumers comes with specific challenges. Most of all, it requires optimized product availability – to cater to the consumer demand for same-day delivery times measured in hours.

What’s needed behind the scenes to adapt to this massive change in the industry? Close to market production is one tactic, as well as warehousing ample stocks. However, additional solutions are needed – to have the right product available at the right time for the consumer.

Join us to learn more about essential topics for success with your online sales – such as the digitalization of operating processes, using uniform product coding, as well as data mining and sharing.

Recommendations from Participants of the Conference 2017
'Very interesting conference as we shared strategic analysis and information about omni channel strategy. Moreover the number of attendees of the industry was impressive'

'Deep and condensed insights into "omnichannel'

'A clear and relevant topic shown from different perspectives'

Companies already participating the 2018 Conference are:
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