Mr. Christian Dörner

Sales Specialist Digitalization Siemens

Team lead for the German sales department concerning digitalization in the Industrial Automation.

The main challenge is to implement a fitting strategy towards Industrie 4.0 for the companies. Part of the job is, for example, the Organization of a Management Meet up for the German Industries.

Mr. Eric-Jan van der Berg

Advisor RAI Vereniging

The RAI Association (1893) is the trade association for manufacturers and importers of passenger cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, scooters and bicycles in the Netherlands. Eric-Jan van der Berg is responsible for market research, fiscal affairs, compliance and database projects. Since 2015 attached to DST as coordinator for special projects.

Mr. Thomas Schwerdtner

Project Manager Product ata Bidex GmbH

Bidex stands for Bike Data Exchange and was founded in 2015 by four important players in the bikemarket. The target of Bidex is to take digital solutions for retailers to a next level with creating new standards and services for exchanging data between retailers, customers and suppliers.

“Up until now it was not possible for consumers to check the availability of certain bicycle models in specialist shops online. Even the manufacturer of the requested model could not say which dealers have it in stock. One of the first digital services from Bidex is bike.local which delivers exactly this functionality.” 

Mr. Scott Montgomery

President Crank Tank

My specialty is managing businesses. I build brands at a reasonable cost, raise funds when needed, locate the talent to innovate exciting product lines and integrate eCommerce and Brick & Mortar sales for a seamless marketing plan. No business grows without setbacks. I have experienced almost every difficult scenario a company can encounter. CrankTank's goal is to help companies make the best products, to find opportunities to improve sales, increase margins and improve cash flow. 

Mr. Adrian Montgomery

Vice-president Crank Tank

Digital Marketing Strategist and eComm Specialist with Bike and Outdoor Experience. Skilled practitioner of Sports Marketing, Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Public Relations and Branding.

We started CrankTank in June of 2017. Our agency is focused on Digital Strategy for eCommerce brands.